Standing Conference ROMA CITIZENS ASSOCIATION (SKRUG) - LEAGUE OF ROMA is successor of informal coalition of non-governmental organizations - the League Roma Decade (2005).

League for the Decade brings together 60 civil society organizations in Serbia in order to ensure continuous monitoring and effective implementation of the established strategy for improving the position of Roma and the accompanying Action Plan for its implementation, and thus improve the achievement of the objectives of the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015).

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SKRUG continues running the activities of the League for the Decade of Roma and act as a newly established association of Roma citizens' associations. The reason for the formal merger is in the necessity of creating a new strategy for the Roma and Roma, for the period 2014-2020, and that will be a function of practical and urgent measures and policies, primarily at the local level. With all the dynamic changes in the economic and political relations, both at the national level by the level of international politics, it is necessary to create a realistic base to monitor the process of European integration.

The aim of the League is to promote ROMA, inclusion and emancipation of the Roma community by civil society. Accordingly, Roma League wants to consolidate in one core active organizations and associations working mechanical means of their actions.

Vision of SKRUG: Responsible Society with satisfied demand.

Mission of SKRUG: SKRUG is a critical voice in the creation and launch of social changes that lead to improvement of the position of the Roma community.

Basic principles of SKRUG: voluntariness, equality of States, non-partisan interest, transparency, solidarity and respect for diversity, independence, gender equality, openness, intercultural, social justice, respect for diversity


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