Structure and organs SKRUG is comprised of the Assembly, the Presidency, the Supervisory Committee, Professional Service and Committees.

Assembly of the League of Roma on the admission of members and each member represents one representative from voting.
The Presidency is the executive organ League Roma who takes care of the implementation of the objectives laid down by the Statute, program documents, decisions and conclusions of the Assembly. It counts 11 members elected and recalled by the Assembly from among the regular members of the League of Roma, in accordance with the election rules.
The Supervisory Board controls the financial operations of the League of Roma, monitor and analyze whether the observed other applicable laws and regulations, as well as general and individual acts, and Professional Service performs professional, material and financial, administrative, technical, auxiliary and other services for the organs and working bodies of the League of Roma.
Regional committees discussing issues in the area of importance for achieving the objectives of the League of Roma at the regional and local level, while the thematic committees dealing with issues in the area of ​​strategies for improving the situation of Roma in the Republic of Serbia.

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