The three-day strategic planning workshop of SKRUG - LEAGUE OF ROMA

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At the request of members of the League of Roma during the month of September 2013, and in favor of thehas been held a three-day strategic planning workshop  SKRUG - LEAGUE OF ROMA organized by the Centre for Minority Rights.

The workshop was organized at the request of SKRUG and in agreement with the Facilitators has created a common agenda and design workshops , as well as the complete material for the work.

In line with current trends in the context of the Decade of Roma, Roma Standing Conference of the Association of Citizens (SKRUG) has initiated the process of creating documents (Strategic Plan), which will contain further guidance on the operation and development. The meeting was organized with the aim of planning further development coalition, bearing in mind the changes that have occurred in the political, legal and social context of the formation of the coalition to date, as well as additional official registration and legal form SKRUG.

The strategic plan of SKRUG 's will relate to the period from 2014 to 2016. The general objective of this document is to contribute to improving the situation of Roma in Serbia. The strategic plan will be aligned with the National Strategy for the Advancement of Roma in the Republic of Serbia (2009) and action plans for the period up to the 2015.

Participants will be in the process of creating a strategic plan as a document were representatives and members of the presidency.

The workshop was attended by 11 participants SKRUG 's Osman Balic (Yurom center) , Lily of the valley Ergic (ZRC ,,Bibi "), Nada Đuričković (Roma Center for Women - Gives), Sandra Abramovic ( CPM), Ana Dušić - Grbic (CPM), Zoran Tairović (Intercultural Theatre  , John Radenković (Association of Roma students), Stevan Nikolic (Roma Educational center), Saban Salijevic (RSSSS) , Ljubisa Jovanovic (HCROM Obrenovac), Bozidar Jovanovic (HCROM Obrenovac) , as well as representative Jadranka Stojanovic (Foundation for an Open Society Belgrade) and Igor Kostic (OSCE). The meeting was facilitated by John Koprivica.

The objectives of the workshop are set in accordance with the needs SKRUG:

  • Developed the basic elements of the Strategic Plan SKRUG through a participatory process
  • Increased level of knowledge and skills of participants of SKRUG, which are dedicated to the process, understand their role in the organization and the wider community
  • Promoted teamwork and communication among participants
  • The program and design work during the workshops are designed in accordance with the guidelines given by members SKRUG 's.

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