Culture, Information and Diaspora

Committee Coordinator - Zoran Tairović, (Interkulturalni Teatar, Novi Sad)


Action plan:

  • Conducting promotion and development of intercultural dialogue ( intercultural dialogue means all activities related to the cultural activities of the Roma minority in the country and abroad, and relationships with organizations, institutions, individuals)
  • Planning, preparation and coordination of programs and projects; monitoring, promotion and implementation of programs and projects SKRUG's culture and
  • The implementation of programs and projects in collaboration with cultural institutions, municipalities and cities in the local area and region


Recommendations of the committee:

  • Organize the promotion of films about the Roma in the Centre for Cultural Decontamination
  • Prepare a platform for small Romany Theatre Festival, and for mono and duo drama, which will be played from September 
  • Involve students Roma and Romani women in the activities of the board, in order to make network till September 
  • Prepare text on promoting the key words "Emigration", through the Committee on Culture and Information
  • Create a law legislation and that each of these forms has the task of " pressure on the Constitution "
  • It is proposed that the new Decade of Roma should relate to culture and thus should advocate that the next Decade become cultural Decade
  • It is proposed that within the civic education include teaching of Roma culture and traditions
  • In the school system conduct workshops on teaching Romani language
  • It is necessary in schools to organize one hour, once a month, about Roma culture and tradition (do a tutorial titled "Do you know Roma culture?")
  • At the University of Belgrade, the group of Sociology, establish a department for Romany studies, where they will study the culture and the cultural heritage of the Roma
  • Establish cultural (institutional) institutions, theaters, museums, libraries
  • Establish a scientific institute for the study of the culture and traditions of Roma under the auspices of UNESCO


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