Committee Coordinator - Stevan Nikolić, (Educational center Roma, Subotica)


Action plan:

  • Monitoring the application of existing laws in education when it comes to the education of the Roma population
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the strategy and action plan in the field of education
  • Initiating a new policy at the national and local level
  • Response to violations of the rights of the child (all children) in the education system
  • Initiating activities to establish a multi-sectoral and intersectoral cooperation institutions towards the implementation of inclusive practice in education
  • Mapping and promote examples of good practice in the country and the region in the field of Roma education



Recommendations of the Committee:

  • The mass inclusion of Roma children in early childhood development programs
  • Providing books to children from fifth to eighth grades, transportation to school, snacks, and the opportunity to attend extended day
  • The application of affirmative action in student enrollment in colleges
  • Identifying successful schools in Roma inclusion and institutionalize them as model school
  • Research schools that were in the majority (over 50%) of Roma students (segregated schools), making desegregate program and implementation 
  • Training a group of young Roma university graduates in some of Europe's leading universities for Roma language and national culture, in order to provide expert staff for the future that could be taught Romology Studies

Current Topics

Personal review



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