Committee Coordinator - Rozalija Ilić (RIC, Kragujevac)


Action plan:                       

  • Mapping policies and programs on employment
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the strategy, action plan - which was conducted as analysis, proposal of new measures and activities
  • Promote examples of good practice in the community and the media
  • Analysis of legal policy
  • Strengthening inter-sectoral cooperation at all levels
  • zaposljavanje


 Recommendations of the committee:

  • Local governments and local branches of the National Employment Services should have greater powers and responsibilities in designing and proposing programs for Roma 
  • Professional training focus on professions for which there is a need in the local market
  • Continue and expand the implementation of the project Functional basic education of adult Roma
  • Work on formalizing the employment status and employment collectors of secondary raw materials
  • When creating measures to devote special attention especially vulnerable categories within the Roma community: internally displaced, returnees (readmission agreements), women, youth, people with disabilities
  • Sanctions for legal entities and persons who carry out discrimination in hiring

Current Topics

Personal review



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