Gender Equality

Committee Coordinator - Marina Simeunović


Action plan: 

  • Collecting information and monitoring the implementation of international and national legal acts relating to the status of women and the position of Roma in Serbia
  • Giving opinions and recommendations to the competent authorities in connection with the adoption, amendments of regulations that have potential to improve the position of Roma women
  • Collecting data and perform analysis of the current situation in the priority areas of the Decade. Giving opinions and suggestions of concrete actions to improve the status of Roma women in their own and the wider community in accordance with the needs and problems
  • Explore the possibility of inclusion of Roma women in local and national bodies dealing with gender equality and improving the position of Roma in Serbia. Monitoring the effects of their work
  • Notification of the competent authorities and the general public about the violation of basic human rights of Roma women as well as violations of legal norms on gender equality and non-discrimination
  • Achieving cooperation with relevant institutions , national and regional women's Roma organizations to collect information and examples Beats practices
  • In particular, efforts to improve the position of young Roma women through the creation of opportunities for wider involvement in the community, with special emphasis on education, employment and activism



Recommendations of the committee:

  • Specific measures in the field of adult education which would Romani women, in cooperation with the National Employment Service, was given the opportunity to adequately participate in literacy programs, additional training and retraining, as well as establishing a monitoring mechanism
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and technological development to establish specific measures of support for Roma students to a period of 4 to 8 grade in elementary school reduced the number of those who leave school
  • In order to reduce institutional discrimination, it is necessary to increase the employment of Roma women in the work of state bodies, starting from the local to the national level
  • Necessary additional supportive measures and state programs and funds for Roma women entrepreneurs in the form of stimulus loans and grants when starting a business and maintain the same
  • Take additional measures of public concern about the health of Roma to prolonge their average life 

Current Topics

Personal review



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