Committee Coordinator - Branislava Žarković, (Hausing centar, Belgrade)


Action plan:

  • Advocating the right to dignified housing conditions of Roma as one of the basic human rights
  • Monitoring the implementation of the National Strategy for the Advancement of Roma in Serbia - the area of ​​housing
  • Monitoring of implementation of the National Strategy for Social Housing
  • Initiate and support the process of legalization of informal Roma settlements
  • Improving the access of Roma social housing programs
  • Improving the access of Roma to programs for internally displaced persons from Kosovo
  • Promotion of alternative housing programs for the improvement of Roma housing - social housing in protected conditions, housing cooperatives, a model of sustainable reconstruction of Roma settlements, etc.
  • Achieving cooperation with the competent national authorities dealing with housing or housing exclusion

stanovanje sajt


 Recommendations of the committee:

  • Harmonize the legal and strategic framework with international law
  • Create a database of Roma settlements
  • Increase level of knowledge and awareness about the importance of advancing Roma housing
  • Improve of facilities in poor condition and infrastructure equipment in Roma settlements
  • Increase the accessibility of social habitation Roma
  • Social habitation in protected conditions, as well as the improvement of the housing situation of Roma IDPs


Current Topics

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