Personal documents

Committee Coordinator - Ivanka Kostić, (Praxis, Beograd)


Action plan: 


  • Exchange of information - new regulations and practices; problems in the legal framework and practice
  • Develop a plan to disseminate relevant information to local communities; collect feedback from the premises of the problems that individuals face in obtaining personal documents
  • Determining the specific topic of lobbying


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Recommendations of the committee:


  • Advocating that every child is registered in the register of births at birth, to gain personal name and to acquire a nationality; that the State urgently take appropriate measures for the amendment of existing legislation in order to register the births of each child be possible immediately after birth, regardless of whether the child is born in a hospital or at home, and regardless of whether the parents' identity document or not
  • Monitoring the application of the relevant regulations governing contentious procedure of determining the time and place of birth, as well as the administrative procedure of subsequent registration in birth registers, setting personal names, determining citizenship, place, as well as pointing out the problems in practice, as well as providing appropriate recommendations
  • Providing legal assistance to as many legally invisible persons, and persons with undetermined citizenship aim to finally solve the issue legally invisible persons by the end of the 2015th year


Current Topics

Personal review



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