Conclusions and Recommendations from VII Annual Conference

VII Annual Conference of Roma NGOs , the Standing Conference of Roma citizens' associations

(SKRUG) - League of Roma


League Roma , Roma associations of civil society , at the VII Annual Conference in Sokobanja, 27-29 April 2014, based on its strategic and program documents and on the basis of the introductory speeches, discussions and proposals of the participants and participants delivers the following:


  • League Roma will be actively involved in monitoring and analyzing the effects of public policies aimed to improve the position of the Roma community
  • One of the required tasks of the League is to become a special mechanism that monitors (and monitors) and reports on the budget and other international funds that are spent on measures aimed at the Roma community
  • League Roma will constitute 10 regional committees in Serbia with the aim of giving more powers to solve the problems of the Roma community at the regional and local level
  • League Roma will improve the capacities of civil organizations to participate in the planning of projects financed from EU funds
  • League Roma need to be actively involved in the creation and implementation of policies of human security at national and local level
  • League Roma will open the question of participation of Roma in the public sector, as well as the question of institutional and social discrimination
  • It is necessary to institutionalize cooperation with the League of Roma Delegation of the European Commission, the OSCE Mission , UN organizations and the Office of the World Bank in Serbia
  • The inclusion of the League of Roma in an international anti-fascist movement and monitoring of security risks in terms of human security
  • League of Roma should be driven by a variety of initiatives for the improvement of the legal framework with the aim of better care
  • League Roma will form the thematic committees for expatriates, the committee for political participation and JMC projects SYLLABUS OF THE POSTGRADUATE inclusion of the Roma community 


Recommendations for thematic committees

General recommendation: All committees should be making its platform operation and delivery of the Presidency of the League.

Committee for Education

The Committee should make the initiative to the Ministry for Education Science and Technological Development for changing the school curriculum and the inclusion of topics that deal with basic human values.

Committee for Protection from your health

The theme of "violence against women" is not part of the committee on health care. Of defense should be advocated to increase the number of Roma health mediator. One of the activities of the Committee should be improving the quality of health care of young people.

The Committee should deal with the topic of improving the quality of health care of persons with disabilities from the Roma community.

Committee for Safety

The Committee should initiate a change to the Criminal Code for the criminalization of acts "denial of genocide and war crimes". The Committee should advocate that representatives Leagues involve in local committees for safety. The theme of violence against women has to be one of the themes of this Committee.

Committee for Gender Equality

Include the area of violence against women in the activities of the Committee.

Social Protection Committee

The Committee should deal with the topic of improving the quality of health care of persons with disabilities from the Roma community.

Current Topics

Personal review



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