In this period process of drafting the Action Plan for implementation the Strategy for prevention and protection against discrimination, for the period from 2013-2018, which coordinates the Office Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia.

On this occasion, the Standing Conference of the Association of Roma citizens - League Roma ( SKRUG ) wants to draw attention to the need and, at the same time, express a strong commitment to it that the draft action plan precisely defines the measures relating to the increase in the number of Roma in the civil administration and public services.

The draft Action Plan ( point 4.2.3 .) provides implementation and full implementation of the conclusions of the RS Government on measures to increase the participation of national minorities in state administration and developing an action plan for employment of persons belonging to national minorities.

Bearing in mind the deteriorating situation of the Roma minority and their continuing marginalization of treating as " ethnic groups " in relation to the others that have called . Parent states that represent their interests, the League of Roma considers that it is necessary isktaknuti measures to increase the number of Roma in the civil administration.

If not separated by special measures for Roma in clause 4.2.3 . in Action Plan, there is a great danger of further marginalization of this problem.

It is especially those measures that relate to increasing the number of members of national minorities in state administration and public services in the areas of social protection, education, work and employment .

Allocation of special measures for the Roma minority has foundation to the program and in the legal framework that regulates the field of anti-discrimination, minority rights and public administration.

The strategy of prevention and protection from discrimination predicts such special measures (paragraph ), as well as the strategy for improving the situation of Roma in the RS ( item 3.5). Right on the uniform representation of national minorities in state bodies, public services, bodies of autonomous provinces and local self-government guaranteed by Article 77 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, Article 21 of the Law on the Protection of Freedoms and Rights of National Minorities, Article 9 of the Law on Civil Servants, while Strategy for Prevention and protection from Discrimination ("RS Official Gazette ", no. 60/2013 of 10.07.2013).

The strategy for improving the position of Roma in the Republic of Serbia ("RS Official Gazette " , no. 27/2009 of 04.21.2009) Law on Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities (" Official Gazette of FRY " , no. 11/2002) is the Government's Conclusion on measures to increase the participation of national minorities in state administration bodies of the 2006, this right continues to put into practice.

In terms of the appropriate participation of Roma in public administration, in particular highlighted the
importance that the European Commission has given to this issue, which was confirmed in the conclusions adopted during the visit Mr Pierre Mirel, representatives of the Directorate General for Enlargement of the European Union Commission, 2011th and 2013th.
The realization of these conclusions and exact indication of an increase in the number of Roma employed in public administration and local self-government will be one of the indicators for monitoring the progress of Serbia on the road to joining the EU, and in particular for the assessment of progress in the fields covered by Chapter 23:24 (human and minority rights, security and justice).

Accordingly, SKRUG League Roma constant appeals to ensure that measures relating to the Roma (not as a "particularly sensitive groups"), as stated in the draft AP.

Roma are no less susceptible to discrimination from other human beings. It is important that this document is clearly and precisely defined percentage of Roma in public administration and local governments. The elimination of these solutions would be contrary to the proclaimed political goals, commitments, positive legislation and recommendations of the Commission of the European Union.
In Belgrade, 5 May 2014

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