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LEAGUE OF ROMA as a coalition of non-governmental organization that represents the interests of the Roma community has entered its eighth year sof its activity.

Tasks of League Roma are to summarize the results of the implementation of the Decade of Roma in Serbia , to critically examine the work of the Serbian government , local government and local authorities in the implementation of a clear action plans for the Decade of Roma.

Standing Conference of Roma associations citizens SKRUG - LEAGUE OF ROMA holds position for:

  • Gathering, consideration of issues and problems, as well as formulating and presenting the common interests of Roma organizations;
  • Representing the interests of Roma organizations and lobbying with the central authorities in the proces of defining strategic directions and adoption of the regulations of importance for the development of the Roma community in Serbia;
  • Exchange opinions, knowledge and best practice solutions from the work of Roma organizations;
  • Cooperation between Roma organizations at national and international level;
  • Informing members, partners and the general public on all issues of importance to the Roma community;
  • Providing various services to members through training, consulting and advisory support;
  • Implementation of projects of importance for Serbia;
  • Support Roma organizations, cities and municipalities in capacity building, defining and implementing strategic orientation, design and implementation of projects and access to financial resources

Current Topics

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