Safety, Discrimination and Extremism

Committee Coordinator - Osman Balić  (YUROM centar, Niš)


Action plan:

  • Consideration of the security situation in the Republic of Serbia on the basis of reports of relevant committees of the Assembly of Serbia and information obtained by the NGOs and the media
  • Collecting, processing and performing Desimination Sector information on cases of endangering the security of the citizens of Serbia, and especially Roma
  • Collecting, processing and performing Desimination Sector data and information on cases of discrimination against Roma
  • Informing and alerting the relevant state authorities about cases of endangering the security of the Roma, the activities of extremist groups and discrimination against Roma
  • Developing a culture of security in the Roma community
  • Achieving cooperation with the competent state bodies dealing with security and discrimination



Recommendations of the committee:

  • Develop partnerships community stakeholders to improve safety and security
  • Preventive approach to the problems in the community, ceding the necessary information to create proactive mechanisms and instruments with a view to the prevention and reduction of security risks of existing
  • Problem orient the work, which means to accomplish the synthesis of interactive multi-stakeholder approach in identifying and solving specific security problems
  • Establish a communication process through an active exchange of information among stakeholders, especially in larger cities, where such entities are often alien and unknown to each other
  • Respect the specifics of the local community and the possibility that different communities have specific needs
  • Develop a high level of tolerance between community entities, which is a process that creates conditions for the development and improvement of confidence that these entities have with each other
  • Conduct monitoring of security threats and risks to Roma in order existed responsibility of all subjects for community security conditions in the community, as expressed conscientious approach events and phenomena , as well as the obligation to participate in activities related to the creation and improvement of better living environment for citizens

Current Topics

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