Committee Coordinator - Džanatan Koko


Action plan:

  • Consideration of the situation and the position of young Roma in Serbia
  • Making youth platforms and youth networks of SKRUG 
  • Achieving cooperation with the Office for Youth, Ministry of Youth and Sports, municipal committees, international organizations, committees young RSNA
  • Writing and creating software projects for the advancement of young
  • Collecting, processing and researching topics of education, political participation, information, culture, employment, safety of young ...

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Recommendations of the committee:

  • Ministry of Youth and Sports (together with civil society organizations) to form a special committee of youth , as a matter of interest for the whole Roma community
  • Existing offices youth are represented young Roma and Roma, as a link between the Roma youth civil society and government bodies 
  • To ensure membership of young Roma and Romani women in other committees (Committee for Youth National Assembly committees at local and national level) for issues of concern to Roma youth community
  • To involve as many young professional people in the working groups in the creation and implementation of programs and projects for the advancement of the Roma community in priority areas
  • To ensure the necessary transparency of its work in implementing programs and activities like 
  • To support the development of cultural identity of children and young people, to introduce elements of Roma culture in the educational program 
  • To create a network of media in the Romani language, which to facilitate the planning, co-operation between existing media and exchange programs 

Current Topics

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